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National Broadband Mission: Aims broadband access to all villages by 2022

Government Of India Started a mission which is National Broadband Mission Which aims is that Broadband connection access to all villages by 2022. national broadband mission


The government of India has launched National Broadband Mission (NBM) with an aim to provide an internet connection to all villages by 2022 which is inaugurated by Union Minister of Communications Ravi Shankar. In this mission, the Government will invest Rs. 7 lakh crore By 2022. By this, all villages of India get the Broadband connection at their own villages which is impossible now but in the year 2022, all villages get the Broadband connection.

Union Minister of Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad said that govt aims to improve the quality of mobile and internet services through National Broadband Mission. He also said that technology infrastructure will be strengthened in the fields of education, health, entrepreneurship, and development through this mission.

National Broadband Mission

Under this mission Government will do the following things:

  1. The government will ensure to lay down an additional optical fiber cable route of 2.8 million kilometers, now we have 2.2 million kilometers of optical fiber cable but by 2022 our mission is 5 million kilometers cable.
  2. Now we have 5 lakh mobile towers in India, Under this mission, the government made more 5 lakh mobile towers and in 2022 we have a total of 10 lakh mobile towers.
  3. The government connects 70 percent towers with fiber cable in this mission by 2022 which is now 30 percent.
  4. The mission will arrange 10% funds from the Universal Obligation Fund (USOF) and the remaining amount will be invested by industry and other stakeholders.

If our government gets success in this mission then our country’s internet infrastructure becomes very strong and then any development in our country becomes more easy and flexible. Because now many people cannot get the advantage of digital schemes by central or state government but after this, our country all persons get benefitted by this mission and in future many persons get an opportunity of earning money through the internet.

The project aims to provide a fast-track growth to digital communication and digital infrastructure in the country. The government believes that this project will bring digital empowerment and inclusion that can give affordable and universal access to broadband to all. Earlier, broadband services were reached up to 1,42,000 villages through BharatNet’s mission.

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