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Lumi Watch – Make your arm a smart arm

Lumi Watch – Make your arm a smart arm

Today Guys I tell You about an interesting watch which is Lumi watch. This Watch Turn your arm a smart arm From this arm you do everything which you do by a smartphone.

Lumi watch

Lumi Watch Introduction

Scientists have developed a singular Smart Watch of its kind which will change the user’s hand to the touchscreen. Scientists of the University of Carnegie Mellon University have developed a device named “LumiWatch”, which is wearing arm Turns on to the touchscreen and the users can do their job by swapping and clicking on the skin.

Currently, its prototype version has been presented and the creators had to say that the wearer will unlock the watch by swapping on the left side. After this, apps will start displaying on hand. This watch has project a 40 square cm interface, which is 5 times larger than a typical Smart Watch screen. The “LumiWatch” is manufactured by Logic Board, Depth Sensor, and Metal Enclosure and also with the help of a projector. The Projector which is in this SmartWatch uses Red, Blue, and Green 3 Laser to make the apps so bright that they do not face difficulty to see.

Lumi Watch Features

This Smartwatch will include 15 lumens scan laser projectors, 2D finger tracking, Qualcomm 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor, 768 MB ram, 4GB flash memory and 740 mAH battery with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, etc. The SmartWatch has been given an Android 5.1 operating system and the battery is used to convert the hand into the interface. It works for an hour.

Lumi watch


However, researchers say that it is currently a prototype version and it faces obstacles to consumers. That is why it is a major step in this direction. The biggest obstacle is that the hand is not completely plain surfaced, and due to this, often that the many functions are not functioning. The initial price of the prototype model of the “LumiWatch” is likely to be around 600 dollars.

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