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How to top in class 10

How you Top in Your Upcoming board Exams of class 10

hello, guys today I show you how you top in your upcoming class 10 board exams and how you get good marks in class 10 by my some strategy which many toppers and also I use for class 10  board exams so let’s start it.

how to top in class 10

Strategy 1: Read Ncert Like a topper

Many toppers and also I suggest that you read Ncert first if you want good marks in class 10 and make your concept strong so if you get any type of question then you attempt it and solve it. Now many ask how to read Ncert like a topper so there is a different strategy for different subjects so now I tell you all the strategies for different subjects. For,


For maths, you did Ncert exercise 3 times for getting good marks. When you do exercise the first time then mark those question which you face some difficulty and then try the second time those question and again mark those question in which you face some difficulty and then try those difficult question in which you face some difficulty in second try and you see that you do exercise question fully and you get all concepts of this exercise.

And then you do all examples of Ncert and in examples also try exercise strategy then you get good results. And also many students think optional exercise is not important for boards exam but you are wrong, In recent years board gives many questions of optional exercise. So you also try them. And for practicing some difficult questions then go to R B classes youtube channel which I follow in my class 10 and I get 94 marks in maths.



For Science Firstly you choose One chapter and then read the question first and then you read Ncert chapter and you see that you every question answer is in the book and you solve any question and also many students don’t read the internal question of the chapter but you are my blog reader and now you don’t do this mistake. And also now this is compulsory to read Ncert because now CBSE gives twenty questions from in-between chapters.

Social Science

Social Science many students think this is very difficult and when they sit for learning Social Science than they feel tired and they sleep. Because they don’t know the right strategy for learning Social science.  Now I tell you how you learn Social science, First of all, you Read all questions and then you read the main heading of any chapter and then you read the content of Ncert and then you get some interest in Social science because now you know what is in the chapter and now you should learn those lines which are similar to your question and then you get good marks in boards because now you read chapter.

Strategy 2: Solve Sample Papers

Many toppers feel that they do top in their exams because of sample papers because sample paper helps them to evaluate their weak point and strong point and when they evaluate their weak point then they focus more on weak point and revise their strong point for make their strong point more strong so that they get good marks in boards and also they solve minimum of 10 sample papers so that they know the format of question paper and also questions which type of question will be asked inboards. And also they manage their time management by solving sample papers.

Strategy 3: Solve Previous year Question papers

Many students think why solving previous year Question Papers is Important for getting good marks in boards. so I tell all that from solving previous question papers you know the format of questions. How CBSE asks Questions in Boards because CBSE makes the language of question difficult but CBSE never makes the questions difficult because CBSE knows there are many students who are toppers and also many are average and many are poor in studies. So CBSE thinks about all students so this is not true that CBSE makes difficult papers. And also CBSE asks many questions from the previous year and those who do previous year questions get good marks and who are not do then they cannot get good marks.

Strategy 4: Take regular breaks to enjoy yourself

Avoid studying for long hours continuously; instead, take regular intervals every 50 to 60 minutes. These intervals are important to relax your brain and retrieve your energy to get ready for the next study session. They help to keep your brain focused and alert.

Strategy 5: Throw away the exam fear and relax

Fear, anxiety, and stress will only hamper your preparations and ultimately affect your performance in board exams. So, instead of taking tension, start preparing for the exam with a relaxed mind. You just need to put in the best efforts, the result will automatically come out to be the best.

Strategy 6: Make Timetable

Without proper planning, it’s almost impossible to reach your target. Therefore, to make an effective preparation for the upcoming CBSE board exams, every student must prepare a proper study time table first and then make a habit to stick to the same.

Strategy 7: Make Short Notes And formula sheet

Many students who top in their boards tell that they make Notes and Formula sheet which helps them a lot. And now I tell you why Notes and Formula sheet is important. They are important because they help you in your revision when you have less time. In less time, you never read the whole book so this Notes and Formula sheet help in your revision because you write them from yourself and very deeply and when you read them then you feel that your revision is very fast and they save your time very much.

So, guys, they are my some tips which topper use in their boards and also I for getting good marks If you follow them then this is my guarantee that you get 90 percent+ marks in your board exams so try these strategies and tell me in comment on which topic you get my next blog and guys share this blog to your friends so that they also learn these strategies and after following them they also get good marks.

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